Domestic Dispute leads to arson

Belize City police are investigating a case of arson which arrived as a result of a domestic dispute. On the night of Friday June 24 the two storey structure at #182 East Collet Canal, Belize City was set on fire., the fire started on the first floor of the yellow two storey cement house , property of 80-year-old Inez Gillett. The fire was extinguished with the assistance of the Fire Department. According to police, 52-year-old Santos Perez was at home on the first floor along with her daughter when her common-law husband, Jose Alberto Rivera, arrived home and started to behave disorderly. Santos and her daughter went over to her neighbor’s house for safety. About 20 minutes later, she noticed that her house was on fire.  No one was injured and the total amount of damages is yet to be ascertained. The common law husband apparently set fire to the mattresses in two separate bedrooms.  Police are looking for Jose Alberto Rivera as investigations continue.

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