Dorian Pakeman back at job as Press Office Director

Another matter the PM addressed is the Dorian Pakeman issue.  As you may recall, Pakeman had knocked down and killed 45 year old mechanic Deanvlcsnap-00194 Dawson. There were reports that traces of cocaine were found in Pakeman’s blood and also allegations that the victim’s samples were tampered with to try and indicate that he was intoxicated. In mid May, Pakeman was freed of the charge of causing death by careless conduct. The court determined that there wasn’t enough evidence for a trial. While Pakeman was awaiting his trial, he had been placed on vlcsnap-00196suspension from his job as the Press Office Director.

Rt. Hon. Dean O. Barrow, Prime Minister & Minister of Finance: I don’t know if the charges were dropped or there were thrown out but since he’s been freed of all the charges he’s been given his job back.

Reporter: Has he been given any stricter guidelines because of that incident?vlcsnap-00198

Rt. Hon. Dean O. Barrow, Prime Minister & Minister of Finance: Well I did have a chat with Mister Pakeman and just a general way made the point that he’s been cleared of all charges and he’s entitled to his job back. That’s our system and that’s fair play and that’s giving him justice; but that he must realize that the scrutiny of the public will be even more concentrated and so in addition to wanting him to produce at the press office for the government and people of Belize. I also pointed out that he needs to be super careful and ensure that he gives no cause for any kind of public lashing of him and the press office and the government to take place.


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