Double Murder in Ladyville

Two persons are dead after another shooting that occurred on Tuesday night. Casey Lozano and Marlon Spain both died after they were shot sometime around 8 o’clock last night as they socialized in a yard in Ladyville. Several persons were at the scene when two gunmen  opened fire at the crowd. Police told us more.

ASP Alejandro Cowo, NCIB: 

Police were called to an area in Mirage Road where the observed a male person on the ground motionless. This person was learned to be Casey Lozano and another male person by the name of Marlon Spain. Both of them had several apparent gunshot wounds to their body Casey Lozano was found about 200 yards apart from the other body. Police also upon making checks at KHMH, police observed 2 other male persons suffering from apparent gunshot wounds to the body. They are Sydney Humes and John Gray

Casey Lozana was shot twice; once to the back, and another to the hip. He did not die immediately but never made it to the hospital alive. His mother, Cynthia Lozano, says she and Casey had just discussed some business where he would do some cooking for a catering job. She says he then jumped on his bike and went out.

Cynthia Lozano, Mother of deceased

By the time I walked into the Room I saw him jump on his bicycle and ride out. I got, not even 2 minutes, when I heard the barrage of gunfire and I was like ‘oh my God my kids are out there and I hope it is not one of them’ . And by the time I ran out I saw 2 people come running. It was my 3rd son. He said ‘mom open the door’.  I asked what is it? and I saw the other one coming from this side and I said ‘what have been, where is Casey?’.  Because Casey just rode out.  He said ‘mom he is coming he should be here’.  Nobody knew so I called his phone. I made three calls to his phone. He did not respond and I frantic. I called Chester Williams and Christopher Noble because I called Several calls to 911 and neither of the calls went through. So I called the only other 2 persons I knew that would have responded right away. They told me that someone was coming.  and I came out back with my son because I did not hear any more gunfire because now I’m looking for Casey. So I asked them ‘where did you come from?’ . So I saw the police truck coming at the same time so I ran out to the road and I explained to them that one of my sons is unaccounted for. So I told them to walk back to where you ran through And they went back.  I was there talking to the cops and they came and said “mom, he is here he is breathing”. So I immediately ran to where he was. There was a bright light back there. They  jumped the fence and he was unable to jump the fence.

Police told us what they know of the incident.

ASP Alejandro Cowo, NCIB: 

So far what police have gathered is that there were a group of male persons hanging out in front of a yard where Lozano and Staine were a part of that group, when two lone gunmen came from a bushy area behind the house. They fired several shots at the male persons. There were other bystanders who received injuries to themselves. Police processed the area where they found several expended shells and presently they have three persons detained and are looking for 2 more persons that can assist in the investigation.

And what was the motive?

ASP Alejandro Cowo, NCIB: 

The persons that were in the yard several of them have had many run-ins with the law and they have been charged several times for different offenses . S at this moment we cannot tell you that it is because of this or it is because of the other thing. They have had several instances that they have been detained and charged for several Offenses at Ladyville.


Is it that gang related? Because you said in the San Pedro case that is.

ASP Alejandro Cowo, NCIB: 

That’s what we suspect Sir. That is one of the things we are looking at this moment.

This is the second son that Casey’s mother has lost to gun violence. She told the media while she expected it with the first child. Casey was a different kind of person.

Cynthia Lozano, Mother of deceased

It was a total different situation as I told you back then. I knew the path my son was going And knew what his feet was going to be . It could have only been one of two places; the Cemetery or jail.  I tried my best, as explained to Chester Williams, if Casey was a child on the street getting into stuff, I would have expected this. But Casey is a ‘no nonsense guy’. He takes no joke so he stays away from company. He keeps mature company. Casey’s company is female because he is very thin skin. He does not run jokes and if he tells you to back off once and back off twice you have a left hand coming. He has grown out of that. he is older now. I speak to him that you need to change. That is not the way.  But to say he would be up a gun and jeopardizing people’s life that was not Casey. Casey’s lifestyle was music. I have to be strong for my other kids. Like I explained to everyone. You want to know where I get the strength? Where I find a strength? I find my strength in God . I have to stay strong for the other children. He was the child I leaned on the most.  I can go anywhere and I do not have to worry about the kitchen. He is excellent in it.  And it could have been worse it would have been my three boys that were out there instead of 3 other boys. So I find a little peace in that, because I do not know how I would be standing here if it was my three boys that got hit last night

Injured persons Judy Humes and Joana Grey were treated and released from hospital.

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