There is a double murder near Caye Caulker Village to report on tonight. Police visited a three story building on Caye Lagos four miles South of Caye Caulker Village about 3 a.m this morning, where they found the lifeless bodies of Gabriel Escalante and  Mark Seawell, both from Ladyville Village. Initial police investigation revealed that Gabriel Escalante and Mark Seawell were socializing on the third floor of the building with an unknown male person about 11:30 pm on Friday night when the incident happened. Police say that sometime while the men were socializing, Escalante left Seawell and the next male individual upstairs to retrieve something from down stairs. It was then that the unidentified man fired two shots at Seawell killing him and leaving his body on the third floor. The man then went down stairs, behind Escalante, and fired several shots at him killing him as well. Police investigation is ongoing.

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