DPM Faber speaks on Castro’s sons’ brushes with the law

Earlier today, the Deputy Prime Minister was asked for his opinion on the recent news regarding the vlcsnap-00054 escapades of the two sons of Minister Edmond Castro. The young men had a double brush with the law over the weekend with their unlicensed white Wingle; one in the Belize District and the other in Orange Walk. The first episode involved being detained for several hours at the Police station where Police officers allegedly filed reports against them for assault and use of insulting words.  We say allegedly because, though charge sheets have been leaked to the media, ASP Chester Williams said they werevlcsnap-00108never charged, and that decision was at the sole discretion of the officers. The Castro boys, a few hours later, were found by customs officers with 89 cases of contraband Corona Beer, allegedly in the same white Wingle. In both cases, public outcry was based on how the two sons of Hon Castro received special treatment.

Hon. Patrick Faber, Deputy Prime Minister: I’m not sure who you listen to in terms of the request for charges to be levied. I certainly heard the assistant commissioner of police Williams say that in fact all those that are concerned, the police officers and the Castro brothers agreed that because they were infractions so to speak on both sides they would squash the matter. So I don’t know who is clamouring for charges to be filed, that is my understanding as far as I saw on the news, I don’t have any official information and so far as in it related to the contraband issue, well it is unfortunate that has happened, it is also unfortunate that the Minister is tarnished by these actions that have come by his children. In creole we say if the man dead, you won’t bury his children, if the children die you won’t bury the father but in so far as Minister Castro is a public figure, I think we’ve all become accustomed to these kinds of attacks but while the rest of people or at least the people who are trying to gun at him for what his son has done, I know that Minister Castro is very busy on the ground working, you’ve seen the flooding situation, the heavy rains that we’ve had. In fact he wasn’t in cabinet yesterday because of his hard work, so I won’t run him down for something that he was not personally vlcsnap-00144responsible for and I support him in his work as he continues to do a stellar job in the portfolio assigned to him

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