DPM Faber will buy his own vehicle

On Friday, Prime Minister Dean Barrow said in the House that GOB would be financing the repairs of the damaged vehicle or purchasing a new vehicle for the Minister of Education and Deputy Prime Minister Patrick Faber. This is after Faber’s Government vehicle somehow ended up in the Caribbean Sea after he had left it in the care of a female friend. Police have not been able to find out who stole the vehicle and drove it into the sea. The backlash from the PM’s announcement on Friday was swift and brutal. Facebook posts lamenting that decision in the face of a request from GOB to defer teachers’ salary adjustments due to financial constraints were numerous. Well, on Monday evening, a press release was issued by the Ministry of Education saying, “Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Education, Youth, Sports and Culture the Hon. Patrick Faber wishes to announce through this medium that he will be financing the replacement of a vehicle for the execution of his duties via personal resources. For full disclosure, the Deputy Prime Minister informs that the financing of his new vehicle will come by way of a personal loan from his bank and an interest accruing salary advance.”

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