DPM Faber’s comments criticized by PUP Chairman

And speaking of Municipal elections, there are 67 seats being vied for across the nation. The campaigning is in full swing and nomination day is only a couple weeks away, to be held on February 21st. Last Thursday, the United Democratic Party launched its UDP Manifesto where Deputy Prime Minister of Belize, Patrick Faber, issued what some perceive as a subtle threat to those who would dare to vote blue. Since the UDP controls Central Government and will do so at least until 2020, Faber suggested that those who fall under a PUP city or town council, will have a hard time receiving aid. PUP Party Chairman Henry Usher also spoke of this.

PUP Party Chairman Henry Usher

First of all, we have seen a PUP town council in Orange Walk being able to get the work done; being able to deliver for the people under a UDP Central Government. So the blueprint is there; it can work. It works if you are working in cooperation and in unity with the people, if you get the people on your side. If the residents of the town or city are on your side you can make City Hall effective. You can make city Hall be able to provide the services that are required for the city or town. Secondly I am very disappointed that Patrick Faber is going to punish anyone who votes for the PUP. It is a tried and wasted sentiment coming from the UDP. We saw the Prime Minister travel to constituencies before the last General Election saying “if you vote Blue you will not get this from central government”. You are not punishing the Blue, you are punishing the people! That is what the UDP is all about; that is what the deputy Prime Minister wants to be known for. So he needs to retract that comment and he needs to do it right away.

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