DPM says desperate times call for desperate measures

As we have reported, there have been several concerns, particularly from lawyers defending the alleged gangsters, as well as human rights activists over the State of Emergency. Minister Faber was asked what are his thoughts about the concerns expressed.

Hon. Patrick Faber, Deputy Prime Minister:
What is happening now in terms of the lack of the murders now, at least those that are directly connected with the gangs and with the drugs and all of that, very minimal now compared to what we would have had if that measure was not put in place. I believe it is a positive measure on the part of the government. There are many people in the society who are saying that as well. I understand all of those who are saying or who are complaining about it being against human rights and all of that, but when the entire society is being held ransom by just a few, then I think that drastic times do indeed call for drastic measures.

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