DPP is investigating Noh Mul destruction

Its destruction raised international eyebrows and local ire, but six weeks after the first discovery of the rotted-out center of the Noh Mul monument in Orange Walk District, charges have not been laid against contractor Denny Grijalva and his assistants. The Prime Minister today gave an update in the case.

Prime Minister Dean Barrow:
vlcsnap-2013-06-12-19h14m01s26The file was given to the Director of Public Prosecution who was directed that additional police work be done to complete investigations into the matter.  Police hope to do the additional work by Friday and there are two critical issues.  They need to record a statement from the cameraman or cameramen/camera persons that did the video recording and the drivers of the equipment have still not been positively identified; there are the video recordings available but the DPP doesn’t think that’s sufficient for prosecution purposes.

Later answering questions from the press, P.M. Barrow insisted that the Director of Public Prosecution wanted everything intact in the case – and he is eager as she is to punish those responsible.

Prime Minister Dean Barrow:
The DPP is being extremely careful. She wants to be sure that when she gives the directive to lay the charges, the case will be water tight. Yes, I am concerned that the officer in charge of the investigation whom I shall not name did not from the start, get some of the material or all of the material that the DPP is now sending him back to get.  This report was brought to my house last night by Colonel Lovell after I had spoken to him during the day making it plain that I wanted to be able to report to the public and I would not be at all pleased if I couldn’t report that this thing has happened or is about to happen imminently. I signaled that, in my view, it’s taking too long; no getting away from that.

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