Dr. Carla Barnett is pick of new Senators; Veteran CEO team stays in place

The United Democratic Party (UDP) is entitled as ruling party to six members of the Senate and Prime Minister Dean Barrow named those persons today as well.  Leading the pack is Godwin Hulse as Leader of Government Business, continuing a run that started when he was senator for the business community in about 2008.  The other new Senators are Steve Duncan, attorneys Aldo Salazar  and Francine Burns,  and principal of Corazon Creek Technical High School in Toledo, Macario Coy.  Out are ex-Ministers Lisel Alamilla, Joy Grant and Charles Gibson, as well as Gerardo Sosa and Juliet Thimbriel. Lee Mark Chang is the pick for Senate President and Michael Peyrefitte will be invited to continue as Speaker of the House. Carlos Perdomo was named Cabinet Secretary once more and Joseph Waight continues as Financial Secretary.  The sixth Senator is as well known as the others but earns a special distinction as a former candidate for the party in Wednesday’s election. P.M. Barrow explains why he could not resist giving a Senate seat to Dr. Carla Barnett.


Hon. Dean Barrow, Belize’s Prime Minister: I have broken what was a long standing informal rule of mine, that no candidate that ran in the election and didn’t win would be made a senator. I’ve broken that long standing rule because, as I think it was Kains that said, “When circumstances change I change my mind.” And in this situation, Dr. Carla Barnett brings so much to the table, has so much to contribute to the government that she is going to be appointed a senator to represent the United Democratic Party in the Senate of Belize.vlcsnap-2015-11-09-21h13m47s64

Most of the veteran Chief Executive Officers (CEO’s) are still in place but there are a few lateral moves and new names.  Dr. Peter Allen leaves Health for Public Service, Energy and Public Utilities under Frank Mena, with former Director of Medical Services for the Ministry Dr. Ramon Figueroa taking over.  Amparo Masson, member of the Economic Development Council and Prime Ministerial Advisor for the Private Sector, now becomes CEO for Investment, Trade and Commerce. Adele Catzim moves to Culture, Youth and Sports;  Ruth Meighan to Transport and NEMO and  Edmund Zuniga to Immigration. New CEO’s appointed are  Yashin Dujon in Tourism and Civil Aviation and Kerry Belisle in Labour, Local Government and Rural Development. The Government Service bids farewell to ex-CEO of Trade and Investment Michael Singh, and ex-CEO for Public Service and Election and Boundaries Marian McNab. The Prime Minister gave them his personal congratulations and an invitation to continue assisting the Government in other capacities.

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