Dr. Corinth Morter Lewis releases new books

Author, poet and educator Dr. Corinth Morter Lewis, who served as President of the University of Belize from 2003-2007,  has released two volumes of fiction, poetry and plays for a wide audience under the name “Moments in Time”.  Dr. Lewis has been writing poetry for five decades and previously released three collections. Among her works is “Tribute to the Belizean Flag,” released in 1981 during Belize’s independence celebrations. Today, she spoke of her love affair with her country.

Doctor Corinth M Lewis – Belizean Author:
vlcsnap-2013-05-08-19h13m57s137I am who I am, because of the support I got of course from my family, but it’s my journey with you, with my country, and with my people, that has brought me to this place, and I thank you for it.  Without you, I wouldn’t be who I am.  There’s good. There were times when there was not always good, but it created who I am.  I am a product of the challenges that I’ve experienced.  And so those challenges, I don’t hold them against people, because  I think it had to make me who I am.  Without them I’d probably would have been a very different person. And so i say again, thank you to Belize.

Volume One is for all audiences and consists of poems, short stories and a play, while Volume Two is for upper primary and high school students. The books should soon be available at retail outlets The launch was held this morning at the Leo Bradley Library.

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