Dr. Marco Tulio Mendez formally charged for sexual offences

In a high profile allegation of sexual misconduct at one of the highest levels in the country, the House of Representatives, Orange Walk East Area Representative Dr. Marco Tulio Mendez was officially charged on Tuesday.

Dr. Mendez has been accused of inappropriate relations with two minors, and calls have been coming hard and fast for his resignation from the House of Representatives. But Dr. Mendez has been on record insisting that he will fight the charges and clear his name, and has no intention of resigning.

Even before the charges were officially made on Tuesday,  we spoke to Mr Mendez’ attorney, Richard ‘Dickie’ Bradley, who addressed the nature of the charges, which he says concerned incidents that reportedly took place several years ago, and are now only possibly being resurrected to tarnish his client’s name, character and reputation.


vlcsnap-2015-02-04-05h46m37s35Richard Dickie Bradley – Attorney

“My understanding is that the allegations are based on some incident that occurred six or seven or eight years ago.  That would explain, in fairness to those who are looking at the matter, it would explain why some degree of care has to be in relation to just hurry rush and bring charges. 

We are dealing with children.  A lot of patience is involved.  A  lot of understanding has to be engaged in,  in order not to rush the judgment, not to misinterpret anything.

That is one of the reasons why the Police are taking their time, and of course there is political interference, and they’re under pressure to bring charges, regardless of what the facts are.”


vlcsnap-2015-02-04-05h46m05s252Later on Tuesday afternoon, the People’s United Party issued a press release which we read verbatim. “It has been confirmed to Party Leader Hon. Francis Fonseca that today, February 3rd, 2015, the Hon. Dr. Marco Tulio Mendez, Area representative for Orange Walk East, has been formally arrested and charged with certain criminal offences. On the basis of this development the Party Leader, in accordance with the power vested in him by the National Executive, has with immediate effect removed Hon. Dr. Marco Tulio Mendez from his position as Chairman of the Northern Caucus and has suspended him indefinitely from all other Party related duties, responsibilities, and activities.

As the public will know, Hon. Mendez has already stepped down from his position as the Standard Bearer for our Party in Orange Walk East and the Party has elected a new Standard Bearer in that Area in the person of Mr. Josue Carballo who has from the date of his election assumed full responsibility for the work of our Party in Orange Walk East.

As a Party, our thoughts and prayers are with the alleged victim(s), and with our colleague and friend Dr. Mendez and his family”.

When Marco Tulio Mendez was arraigned in court on Tuesday, he had six charges of aggravated assault read against him; four charges for one minor and two for the other minor.  Bail was set at $5,000 dollars and he is required to return to court on April 13th.

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