Dr. Theodore Aranda appears on Rise and Shine and discusses political conflict during Independence process

Dr. Theodore Aranda was a guest on Rise and Shine on Tuesday of this week. As a political pioneer with a unique perspective,  Dr. Aranda was able to discuss the actions of both main political parties during the time of Independence.

Doctor Theodore Aranda:

vlcsnap-2013-09-02-10h26m15s164We have got to start looking at this divide between parties in politics.  Here in Belize, when we went into Independence, we could not even sit down together, the PUPs and the UDPs. I was Leader of the Opposition at the time.  The PUPs and the UDPs couldn’t even sit down together.  As a matter of fact, I do say this to you, first time I’m saying it, the UDPs could not even sit with the others to discuss Independence, because the only thing was “We don’t want independence.”  We didn’t even think of the value and the responsibility that went into that thing. 



During that time, members of the UDP were considered Union Jack supporters. The opposition party was undergoing major internal conflict with Dr. Aranda as their leader. However, the major factor that inspired internal rivalry within the UDP was never recorded, until now.

Doctor Theodore Aranda:

vlcsnap-2013-09-02-10h27m00s98BZ FlagI was considered a fifth columnist within the UDP because I said “What we need to do is to sit down and talk with the PUPs, so that we would devise the best way of going into Independence, because one of the things that we need, and I said that 31 years ago, is economic development planning, because we didn’t have it.  We could not even come together to talk about the welfare of our nation, and we were taking the biggest step that we could possibly take.  


Dr. Aranda remains steadfast in his belief that in order to move this country, the politicians must quench the fire between them.

Doctor Theodore Aranda:

Today, what I am saying to Dean Barrow, what I am saying to Francis Fonseca, you must put down that fire, that wall of fire between themselves, and be able to sit down together, discuss issues like this, so that we can do something for the nation.  We need to improve Belize

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