Dr. Theodore Aranda comments on Commerce Bight Port on “Rise and Shine”


Dr. Theodore Aranda is no stranger to Belize as it pertains to the political arena and social and economic development. His political strives have been ongoing for over 50 years beginning with the UDP in 1974. However, he left the party in 1982  and established the Christian Democratic Party- which was short lived. In the late 1980’s he joined the PUP and then recently in 2005 he rejoined the UDP. Tuesday morning on Rise and Shine, Dr. Aranda, commented on the latest political and social developments, one of which was the Government of Belize reclaiming possession of Commerce Bight.

Dr. Theodore Aranda:

vlcsnap-2013-08-28-10h24m03s248It’s very welcome that the Government of Belize has resumed control and management of the Commerce Bight Port, which we now call ‘Port of Dangriga.’ It’s one and the same thing.  There on the map you can see it, and we perceive the opening of that port as extremely significant as an infrastructure and for the benefits of the nation.  The opening of that port therefore, is embodied within the development of this nation, and the fact that the Government is taking that position implies and shows that the Government, at least now, the Government is trying to do something that indicates and shows that they are thinking of the national development of this nation, and is projecting towards an economic future. 

Dr. Aranda also criticized the lack of policy in the past dealings of the different Governments in the history of Belize.

Dr. Theodore Aranda:

vlcsnap-2013-08-28-10h32m38s154The only thing that we have had in the past has been an absence of policy and practice to develop the nation.  What we have been doing is to reward friends and to punish enemies.  That was the policy and has been the policy for a long time.  There’s never been an administration in the country, prior to independence, post independence, that has that has talked and pushed for economic development.  Not a single one.  We went to the independence of this nation without a plan for the future.  We went into the independence of this nation without a long-term analysis of the needs of the country.  When Dean Barrow says that he is going to be working on that port, so that at least we can develop a deep water port,  that opens the box.  That’s why I really stand by his statement, and hold his foot to the fire. That’s what we have to do.

Apart from his long political strides Dr. Aranda has provided major support to the Garifuna and Maya cultures.  The Belize Project Director Hugh Darely at the launching of the Norwegian Cruise Line proposal, that took place last two weeks, explained the idea of making the dugu dance a tourist attraction. Dr Aranda commented on that.

Dr. Theodore Aranda:

When I heard this man speak about dugu in that fashion, number one, it was an insolent statement.  He should apologize for that.   Number two, it was disdainful, because I watched him on television. It was disdainful of the Garifuna culture. And number three, it was totally and absolutely snobbish. We cannot, under any circumstance, try to separate humanity from his notion of his maker, from the notion of his importance, to take it to cheapen it. Garinagu are not going to be ridiculed by an idiot that believes that he can make some bucks out of us.

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