Drowning in Hattieville

On Sunday sometime after 6:00 pm, Morris Heinz, aged 26 years, a Technician of Belize City, contacted the Police and informed that sometime before 6:00pm that day, he was accompanied by Leroy Betson, aged 35 years, a Chemist of #7064 Raccoon Street Extension, Belize City, and four other persons who were all swimming at the river at Gracie Rock Village near the area where there is a cable suspension bridge. During that short period of time his friend Leroy Betson went under the water and never resurfaced. Several attempts were made to locate him. The area was searched by local divers and fishermen who discovered the motionless body of Leroy Betson at the bottom of the river. The body of Leroy Betson was transported to the K.H.M.H where it was pronounced dead at 10:15 pm by Dr. Sosa. The body now awaits a Post Mortem Examination.

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