Drug plane landed and then burned

A private aircraft assumed to be a Cessna 172 made an illegal landing behind Spanish Lookout sometime early this morning. Whoever landedvlcsnap-8653-12-12-00h22m56s714 the aircraft, quickly unloaded its passenger(s) and/or  contents and set the plane ablaze. Residents of Spanish Lookout say they were awaken by a low flying aircraft passing vlcsnap-2821-12-06-00h12m39s179through the thick fog and light rain minutes to one o’clock this morning. The aircraft crossed Spanish Lookout toward an adjacent farming area known as Green Hills; a non residential farm land used almost exclusively for ranches and planting of grain crops. When our camera crew arrived at the area,  the road leading to where the plane landed was blocked as it is a private road on a private property. When we arrived, police were processing the house where the vlcsnap-0447-10-16-17h46m25s345watchman that guards the property lives. It is reported that within ten minutes of  the aircraft’s landing,  a fire could be seen lighting up the sky in the area.  This morning, the charred remains of the plane was all that was left in the area . Residents also told Plusnews that around 1:30 this morning, they could hear traffic leaving from the area after the plane was set on fire,  heading back across Spanish Lookout.  This is not the first time that a plane has landed in the area and then been set on fire. We have reported on similar stories before, the last one about a year ago in the general location and with the same Modus Operandi where the aircraft was torched after landing. Though thevlcsnap-2821-12-06-00h12m39s179 aircraft was torched, the tail number of the plane was still visible, YV-3241.  We have been told that the tail number of the aircraft appears to indicate that the plane may have originated out of Venezuela, presumably carrying drugs.  As we told you,  the aircraft is assumed to be a Cessna 172, which can haul loads of up to 900 pounds.

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