Drug race at Belize Border

vlcsnap-2017-12-27-12h40m40s124 vlcsnap-2017-12-27-12h40m44s638 vlcsnap-2017-12-27-12h41m28s002On Wednesday afternoon, a Navigator SUV was trying to cross the Mexican Border with what is believed to be cocaine.Reports are that sometime around 2:30 yesterday, the Navigator, being driven by someone hailing from Ranchito Village in Corozal, was approaching the Mexican border when they conducted an X-Ray scan on his vehicle. The scan revealed something rather peculiar in the cab of the vehicle and the authorities stated that they would have to perform another search. After hearing that, the driver sped out of the checkpoint area, and started to head back to Belize. When this happened, the Mexican Authorities quickly started to pursue the vehicle. After the Mexican Authorities started to pursue him, he collided into the gate at the Belize Customs Cargo Area. The driver then abandoned the vehicle and made good his escape. Police conducted a search on the vehicle which led to the discovery of (6) parcels of suspected cocaine totaling 6,328 grams. ACP Joseph Myvette spoke more on this incident.

ACP Joseph Myvette, National CIB

Some time Shortly after 2pm Corozal police were called to the Northern Border to the Cargo section of the Customs Department where a  Lyncoln Navigator with Belize City registration plates was seen crashed into the fence. Police observed customs officers there who gacve them certain information which resulted in a search conducted on the vehicle. This resulted in the discovery of six parcels of cocaine with a total weight of 6238 grams . Police have since impounded the vehicle and took possession of the drugs. This matter is continuing to be investigated by the police.

The cocaine was then handed over to the police and the Mexicans handed over the license which the driver presented. As for the vehicle, that is now at the Corozal police station – where suspects are being sought. One hour after the vehicle was impounded, the owner of the vehicle, whose name we will not release as yet, went to the police station to report his vehicle missing. We will keep following this story and have more details as they come forth.

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