Drug Trafficking and Possession of Controlled Drugs reported in Corozal Town

There are reports of Drug Trafficking and Possession of Controlled Drugs coming out of the north.  On Sunday February, 10th at about 10:00am, a search was conducted at the home of 21 year old Israel Rancharan of Venezuelan Site, Corozal Town. Upon arrival, Police observed Rancharan bending down by some bushes and upon seeing the police he ran away. Police say they recovered a plastic bag which contained Cannabis, a scale, a black handled scissors and a pack of plastic bags. Israel Rancharan later handed himself in to Police and all items were then taken to the police station and weighed in at 100 grams of Cannabis. Police have since charged Rancharan for the crime of Drug Trafficking. Also on Sunday February, 10 at about 10:00am police were  conducting mobile patrol on 5th St. South, Corozal Town and saw  a male person riding a bicycle. He was identified as 37 year old Rafael Garrido  of San Antonio Village, Corozal District. Upon seeing the Police, Garrido placed something in his mouth and began riding faster. He was eventually detained and searched. Inside Garrido’s mouth, police say they found 2 bags containing Cannabis. Garrido was arrested and charged for the offence of Possession of Controlled Drugs.

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