Drug trafficking charges across the country

In the war on drugs, a number of arrests were made this weekend. At 11:00a.m. on March 20, while Police were conducting mobile patrol, they intercepted a silver Kia car, on Liberty Avenue, Orange Walk Town which was being driven by 49-year-old Lavern Herrera Trujillo of Orange Walk Town. Police searched the vehicle and discovered a black plastic bag containing 114 grams of  Cannabis.  Lavern Trujillo has since been arrested and charged with “Drug Trafficking”. And then in Bengue Viejo del Carmen, On March 22, police were on mobile patrol on Riverside Street, Benque Viejo Town, when they saw 21-year-old Ernest Emmanuel Teul of Benque Viejo Town disposing of a bag. He was immediately apprehended and taken to the area where he dropped the bag where police discovered an orange bag containing 96 grams of cannabis.  Teul has also been arrested and charged with “Drug Trafficking”. Then in Corozal, on March 21, Corozal Police were conducting a Vehicle Check Point at the Progresso/Chunox/ Sarteneja Junction when a Green Toyota Pickup was stopped and searched. The search resulted in the discovery of a paper containing 4 grams of Crack Cocaine. 29-year-old Franciso J. Garcia and 44-year-old Alberto Palmero, both of Trail Farm Village, Orange Walk District were subsequently arrested and charged for the offence of “Drug Trafficking”. In Belize City,  on March 20, police searched an abandoned lot in the Morrison Alley area and found a shoe box containing multiple transparent plastic bags which contained 154 grams of Cannabis. Then in an abandoned lot in the Conch Shell Bay area, searches led to the discovery of a plastic bag containing multiple transparent plastic bag which contained 392grams of Cannabis. And a search on Mopan Street led to the discovery of a bag containing113 grams of Cannabis. The cannabis were labeled as Found Property.

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