Drug Trafficking charges  for Belize City residents

On Thursday, police operations in Belize City yielded over two thousand grams of weed. Police say they searched different areas on the South-Side of the crime ridden city and collected a total of 2,805 grams of cannabis.  No one was found in the areas and the drugs were labeled and deposited as found property Police also made an arrest for drug trafficking on Thursday. According to police reports, Sometime around  5:15 p.m., Police conducted a search at the residence of 24 year old Rayan Ian Smith, an unemployed Belizean of a Dolphin Street address. At that house, police found 130 grams of  cannabis.  Rayan Smith has since been arrested and charge for Drug TraffickingIn a separate search that same day, police were at the home of 49 year old Lucilla Petronilla Leslie, an Unemployed Belizean of a Santa Barbara Street address. At that house police discovered of bag containing 84.8 grams of  cannabis. Lucilla Petronilla  Leslie has since been arrested and charged for the offence of Drug Trafficking.

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