Drugs found in Guinea Grass

On Wednesday May 6, police found 19 pounds of Marihuana in Guinea Grass Village. Police say they visited an area about 2 miles out of Guinea Grass Village where they found a white sack containing 16 parcels inside amounting to 19 lbs or 8,618 grams. No one was seen in the area so it was deposited as “FOUND PROPERTY.” In another found property case, this morning, Thursday May 7, a  joint operation was conducted in the Precinct One jurisdiction where searches were conducted in several areas. In an abandoned lot on Kraal Road police found two black bags containing 275.1 grams of Cannabis.  At the time no one was in the immediate area and the drugs were deposited as “Found Property”.  And on Haynes Street, police found another black plastic bag containing 60.3 grams of Cannabis; again it was deposited as “Found Property”.

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