Is Belize a major transit for the trafficking of drugs and weapons to Mexico?

vlcsnap-2013-08-14-07h00m57s0Belize is in regional news again and as has become all too common, it isn’t good news.  Just recently, there were reports of drugs found in pineapple concentrate containers headed to the Belize/Corozal free Zone.  That refrigerated vehicle was intercepted in Guatemala.     Today, according to Diario Respuesta de Quintana Roo, a newspaper in Mexico, the Secretary of Public Security, Carlos Bibiano Villa Castillo admitted in a telephone interview that some of the drugs and weapons that have been discovered in the state originate from any of the 18 points of rivercrossings on the Rio Hondo, which borders Belize with Mexico. The main routes are between the communities of Botes and Nueva Jerusalem. With mexico’s recent capture of Carlos Cabañas Catzín, aka “The Monster” and his drug cartel “Los Pelones’ Mexican authorities say they are receiving much needed information.  “Los Pelones” managed to put together a large amount of cartridges on the ranch “El Paraiso” in the community of Xul-Ha. The ammunition, the newspaper says, originate from “partners” of “The Monster” in Belize who continue the trafficking of crystal meth and arms and ammunition into southern mexico. The drugs are then sold in Chetumal, the Ribera del Rio Hondo and parts of the towns of Bacalar and Felipe Carrillo Puerto.

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