Drunken cop to be disciplined

A uniformed PC Florencio Rash was caught on camera in a most unflattering position on the ground at the Belmopan bus station earlier this week. The video quickly made its way around social media and on Wednesday, it was determined that PC Rash was indeed drunk  in the video, as suspected.  Police say that disciplinary measures have been taken against him by Belmopan police for  an act of prejudicial to good order and discipline” That charge can result in as much as a dismissal but according to ACP Chester Williams, the soon to be OC of Professional Standard Branch, he is hoping that whoever will adjudicate would not go to the extreme as the police department looks into  how best they could offer some degree of professional help to the officer. Rash appeared before the Police’s Disciplinary Tribunal where he pled not guilty for acting to the Prejudice of Good Order and Discipline. The case was adjourned until July 11.vlcsnap-00335 vlcsnap-00337 vlcsnap-00333

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