Duo found not guilty of attempted murder






Jermaine Belgrave and Jeffery Flowers were accused of attempted murder due to an incident which took place in March of 2012. According to PC Harold Grinage and PC Alexis Banner, on that date, the two officers were in mobile patrol. According to PC Grinage’s testimony, he saw Jermaine Belgrave going into Baghdad Street. He called out to Mr Belgrave and followed him into the street where he met Jermaine Belgrave and Jeffery Flowers- the two men in question. PC Grinage then reportedly pointed his licensed firearm at them; PC Banner was beside him. What allegedly followed was that Jermaine Belgrave and Jeffery Flowers started firing several shots in their direction- but the officers escaped any injury. Both Mr Belgrave and Mr Flowers were detained since then. Last week, however, the men were taken to court for trial this confrontation. However they were found not guilty on Thursday as the prosecution could not provide sufficient evidence for conviction. Therefore the jury found both the men not guilty. Jeffery Flowers, who was confined to a wheelchair, was wheeled out of court as a free man. However, Jermaine Belgrave was taken back to Belize Central Prison as he has another case to face in the Supreme Court.

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