Dust and more Dust in Belmopan

Road development often times comes with its inconveniences to residents in the developing community. Such is the case for the residents of San Martin living on Calle Las Americas.. These residents have been complaining that clouds of dust from the road, caused by heavy traffic in the area since January, continue to have serious health and business implications for them. Plus News visited the area today where one resident told us that the clouds of dust have been entering her house and getting in her family’s meals.

 We eat up dust even in our food, it goes into our pots when we are cooking some huge clouds of dust lift up from the street and straight into the restaurant when cars are passing by when we are cooking. Sometimes I take out the hose and wet the street in order to prevent the dust but, it’s useless as I still continue to follow that dust, we want them to at least spray water on the street or at least try to make a speed bump to prevent cars from driving fast .


One vendor in the area told us that the huge amount of dust has been bad for her expanding vegetable business.

 The dust is very harmful because some cars just pass by with speed and all the dust fly towards my vegetables and it is very bad for my customers and my baby ,sometimes I got to leave him in the house because of all the dust that is blowing towards the house or sometimes away from the house depending on how the breeze is blowing and this has been happening from since January and the neighbors has to wet the street to prevent it . everyday the lady that owns the restaurant has to wake at 6 to wet the road ,and when I once lived in San Martin a big white truck used to come around to wet the road but it seems to have stopped.

Plus News captured footage of ongoing development in th e area to extend the road deeper into the community. Residents claim that the ongoing development has only brought more dust into their homes and businesses by huge trucks carrying road material. Residents are asking that the proper authorities take the necessary action to offer them assistance in this matter.  We were told that this afternoon, after our interviews, a  truck with water  passed by but residents say it was not enough to keep the dust down.

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