Dwayne Evelyn found not guilty of murder of Peter Myvett

vlcsnap-2013-03-07-20h07m18s922-year-old Dwayne Evelyn was found not guilty today of the shooting murder of George Street associate, Peter Myvett. The jury delivered a unanimous not guilty verdict. Myvett met his untimely death at around 12:00 noon on February 17 of 2010 while he was at the corner of Kut Avenue and West Street washing the door of a bus.  Myvett was shot multiple times to the body. The prosecution said that Evelyn was the masked man who was seen pulling the trigger but the prosecution’s main witness could not positively identify the shooter because he had on a mask and a cap. However, the crown also had the testimony of a police officer who claimed he came upon Evelyn seconds after the shooting riding on a bicycle while removing a mask and warm cap. However, he didn’t see Evelyn fire the gun. And that is where it is believed the jurors had difficulty convicting Evelyn.   During the sum up today, Judge Adolph Lucas told the jury that where there were inconsistencies in testimonies from the prosecution’s witnesses. On hearing his not guilty verdict, Evelyn quickly exited the court room.

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