Dwayne Hilton is murdered in latest spate of Gang violence

35 year old Dwayne Hilton is the latest murder victim in Belize City. He was at a residence not far from his home at the corner of Baldwin and Custard Apple Streets in the Fabers’ Road Extension area around 6:30 p.m. Wednesday night when gunshots sounded from the end of a firearm held by a dark-skinned man on bicycle. Dwayne Hilton was killed by bullets to the back of his left upper shoulder, left arm and under the left armpit. His companion, Derrick Mahler, 42, escaped with injuries to his legs. According to Assistant Superintendent of Police Calbert Flowers, police have spoken to several persons and are looking at a link between this shooting and that of Edwin “Drive” Flowers the previous night.

vlcsnap-2014-07-11-16h30m53s29ASP Calbert Flowers

“At this time we are still in the process of investigation.  We have recorded several statements.  We have interviewed several persons; however, [there’s] no substantial lead at this time. We are exploring all angles and we are looking, we are certainly looking in that direction. The shooting where Edwin Flowers got shot and where Hilton got shot is very in very close proximity to each other.  We are looking at that angle to see if indeed they are related.”

One person has officially been detained but he is not regarded as a prime suspect by the Department. Police believe Hilton was the target. A cousin of the deceased told us off-camera that Dwayne Hilton kept to his base and a female friend and was not involved in any gang rivalry. The question of why anyone would want to kill him is a mysterious one for them.

Voice of: “Sean” – Cousin of Dwayne Hilton
“I was so shocked I had to sit down because I didn’t even believe it and when I went by the house I still didn’t believe that he was that person lying down on the ground. Like his sister said that she didn’t even expect it was him. She ran to assist the person because she is a nurse, not knowing that she was going there to assist her own brother. So what happened last night was shocking to the family because we know he was not a person that hangs out. So whenever this whole gang rivalry started on the street w didn’t look at it as somebody for us would be one that will be one of the targets because he doesn’t hang out with the gangs that are in the rivalry right now.”

“We know that a shooting happen the night before but that has nothing to do with him. He doesn’t even talk to the person that got shot or his acquaintances or anything like that. I just think he was at the wrong place at the wrong time and the person that went to do it he just wanted somebody. He targeted anybody, anybody he met would have been his target. I just think this senseless killing and all the violence just needs to stop. The police just needs to crack down on guys out there and just pull in who you need to pull in because they know exactly who are the ones doing these sorts of things right now.”

That thought is very frightening for residents of an area which has now seen two high profile shooting incidents, one fatal, and a dead body found in the last three days. But ASP Flowers says police are responding.

ASP Calbert Flowers

“Whenever a shooting happens, it is a concern for us, a law enforcement.   Police officers were close by in that area. Although the response was very fast, Police officers were on the scene, but the shooter managed to get away.  We have launched several operations.  We’re out in  full force,  operating not only in Precinct 2 area, but in the entire Southside of Belize City.  [As] part of the operation, we are trying to mediate with some of these known players,”

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