East Store robbery in Corozal

Chinese proprietors in the Corozal District were the victims of an armed robbery on Friday night.

Kunfu Mark, a  59 year old Chinese naturalized Belizean of Corozal Town, reported that on Friday 17th October about 12:20pm, he along with his wife were at their place of business, East Store located on 4th Avenue.

Three men of East Indian descent entered their place of business. One of them then closed the shutters of the main door, and had in his hand what appeared to be a small hand gun. He ran up to Mr Kunfu and hit him twice in the head with the handgun, and demanded money.

The armed men grabbed $500.00  and escaped through a back door in the kitchen.

The victim requested no Police investigation, however Corozal Police detained several persons for questioning, as their investigation continues.

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