Eastern Division Commander Asks for More Support on Crime

The news that crime has dropped in the last few months is welcomed news, but the fight is not over yet.  We caught up with Eastern Division Commander and Acting Commissioner of Police ACP Miguel Segura today and invited his thoughts.

vlcsnap-2013-12-09-17h40m31s28Mr. Miguel Segura- Acting Commissioner of Police

“The contribution comes from everyone, including the media, of course.  So, it’s a complex of dealing it because it’s a multi face et it approach, but when you look that endows employment, even rte media houses, parents, NGOs-everybody putting, equates this big picture.  So, it’s not the law enforcement alone, us only making this difference.  So, I take this opportunity to appeal to the public to continue give us that support because change can happen, we have seen it happen, and I appeal that as we move in to 2014, that we could make Belize a difference.  But we need the continuous help from everyone to make it happen”

The Police will have a role to play in the new Joint Operations Centre according to Mr. Segura.

Mr. Miguel Segura: “Actually, if you heard the acumen JOCC, the Joint Operation Command Center, and the introduction as to who will be the Lead Agencies, having other agencies involved and the BDF, is basically a collective approach to deal with those types of crimes.  We have seen that that threatening our borders, just trans nationally organized crimes.   From the police aspect, many odd times we get focused on our internal issues, but also this jug will tend to support us to look at our external ones that are actually affecting us like violence, firearms and drugs that stay in our country and then it has the spin off effects of violence.  Basically, this jug will be the heartbeat of trying to tackle the transnational organized crime and securing our borders.  So, collectively approached from all enforcement agencies, everybody have their input to do”. 


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