Edmund Castro Continues to Evade the Media





The House of Representatives is scheduled to convene this Friday and while there is no official word on the reason for the unexpected meeting, it is certain that the recent revelations involving passport, visas and nationality scandals, will be put on the floor for debate. There, it is expected that we will hear, for the first time, from the Prime Minister, since new allegations of ministerial wrongdoings concerning the Hon. Edmund Castro surfaced. We might even hear from the Minister himself, should he attend the gathering. But until then, we continue our efforts of getting a verbal response from Castro. Tuesday evening, PlusNews waited outside the Sir Edney Cain Building for the Minister to exit Tuesday’s Cabinet Meeting. After the meeting concluded, while most Ministers departed through the front door, Edmund Castro had his driver meet him at the back. There, we attempted to get a word from him, but as was the case a few days ago at the PGIA, he wasted no time in hopping into his vehicle and making off. This time though, we did get a goodbye gesture from the Minister. On Monday, a statement on behalf of Castro was issued to the media, we say “on behalf of” because the release is written in the third person. It reads in part “The Hon. Edmund Castro rejects and condemns the viciously false and malicious story concocted about him by Channel 5 and its agent.” Acknowledged however, was that Castro “Wrote a generic letter to the Department asking for consideration for the five visa applications.” As we have stated, the Minister is accused of collecting some four hundred thousand dollars in an alleged visa quota ring.

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