Educators in conflict mediation training

Educators in conflict mediation training. RESTORE Belize and the US Embassy are sponsoring a series of trainings in conflict mediation for educators around the country and the latest session took place in Belize City today at the ITVET. We spoke to a participant, Zeni Perdomo of Corozal Community College in Corozal Town, who tells us more:

Zeni Perdomo – Corozal Community College:
vlcsnap-2013-02-19-18h15m33s171We’re learning the Conflict Mediation Process, and how to mediate in cases of conflict at the different institutions, in my case at my school.  Believe me, it’s a wonderful workshop.  We’re learning so much.  There’s a new initiative in the Ministry of Education, the quality Child-Friendly School Initiative.  One of the biggest objectives is to keep students in school.  And so, instead of having to exclude students, or take them out of school, we’re trying to see how mediation can work, so that the conflicts are resolved, and both parties have a win/win situation.

Facilitator Pamela Dyer spoke about the outcomes of the training session:

Pamela Dyer – Facilitator:
vlcsnap-2013-02-19-18h08m30s35It’s an awareness. Some of the educators said, Oh this is something what we’re doing, just that we need to put structure to it, and to get the understanding.  This is basically what is being carried out already, just that some of the process to really understand, to move people away from a position where conflict is concerned, and really get the issues out.  When you get the issues out, then you resolve the conflict.  The questions are being thrown out asking, how is the process really going, in terms of when does the mediator say something, when do you really come in, [or] if you’re just there to listen. It is to allow both disputants to  really come to their own solution.

According to Ms. Perdomo, the adolescent must be carefully watched:

Zeni Perdomo – Corozal Community College:
We have to be reminded in the adolescent stage these kids are going through a lot of emotional changes.  Some of them can’t cope with different situations.  Certain incidents happen that we believe we’ve straightened them out, but they keep accumulating.  That’s when you have the outbursts, the fight on campus or some kind of conflict at the gate of the school.  And so we put this process into effect.  We try to mediate.  Maybe we’re going to lessen the fights at school.

The training continues Wednesday.

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