El Chapo not believed to be in Belize

And in more Mexican/Belizean news, last week we reported that rumors had been circulating of notorious Mexican drug Lord, Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman possibly being  in Belize. El Chapo escaped from a maximum security prison in Mexico on July 11th and has been on the run since. In an interview with Plus TV last week, CEO in the Ministry of National Security, Colonel George Lovell assured us that Belizean authorities are aware of El Chapo’s escape ​and ​are on alert but there is no reason to believe or suggest that El Chapo has left Mexico or even traveled to Belize.

Col. George Lovell – CEO, Ministry of National Securityvlcsnap-2015-07-22-11h31m03s166

“I have been in communication with our Mexican counterparts. They have shared the information of his escape since Saturday, the 11th of July, when he escaped from prison. We have put out an all point bulletin, so all our various agencies country wide are on the alert and they are aware of his escape. They are looking to see him. We here are working closely with the Mexican Intelligence and their administrations that they have out there. I can tell you, as of today’s date, there is no indication to suggest that he has travelled out of Mexico, more so towards Belize.”


Mexican Authorities are offering US $3.8 million dollar reward for any information that would lead to the capturing of El Chapo. On another note, a private jet made a surprise landing in Roatan, Honduras at the  “Juan Manuel Galvez” international airport on the 16th of July, which caused authorities to speculate the​ possible relation of ​the mysterious landing to El Chapo. Authorities conducted a drug search on the $10 million dollar jet and it was marked as clean. The aircraft carried two pilots and  one, 55 year old passenger – Victor Alberto Calderon Cortes. ​Victor Cortes was taken in for questioning  while the pilots departed Honduras on a commercial flight back to Mexico but can be called back at any time for questioning. During his questioning, Cortes told authorities that he was there to rent or sell the plane to a private company. The Honduran authorities are now looking for the possible buyer of the plane.

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