Elaine’s Tambranero Sauce Gives Biltmore a Hotter Taste

inside Belize Biltmore plza hotelvlcsnap-2013-11-26-17h03m55s34And while at the Biltmore for the one-year SBDC celebration we caught with a pair of entrepreneurs who the organization assisted to get their product better placed on the market. They are Lyndon and Elaine Sutherland from Corozal and they have created a special sauce which is guaranteed to make your tastebuds sing. Here’s more.

Ms. Elaine Sutherland- founder of Ms. Elaine’s Tambranero Sauce

vlcsnap-2013-11-26-16h55m54s124“People were asking for the sauce and actually we did start to sell in a little plastic bottle with a little label and some people from SBDC.   Some people saw it including SBDC, and they told us it’s a very good product but the packaging was terrible.   So, with their encouragement we are here today; with their push, we changed the label, the bottling; we work on how to launch it, how to present it to people and so we have done so far with a lot habanero 2tamarind 2of coaching from them”.

Partner and production manager Lyndon Sutherland says that with the help of the SBDC, their product is supporting tamarind growers in the northern district.

Mr. Lyndon Sutherland- Production Manager

vlcsnap-2013-11-26-17h09m59s139“It’s a great feeling because to be an entrepreneur means that you have to design and you have to create and to think outside the box and we have been forced to do that, but at the end we see that we have brought great value to a common product, the tamarind.   People in Corozal can sell us tamarind and they can make an income and they can send their kids to school.   That’s a very satisfying feeling because they are contributing to the development of our nation, [so to speak], just because the have turned tamarind into a high value product”.

Ms. Elaine’s Tambranero sauce – that’s a combination of tamarind and habanero pepper – is available in select stores countrywide for $3-$4 a bottle.  They make as much as 500 bottles’ worth in a day but are still working to improve their distribution network.

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