Elderly Business Owner Robbed twice in less than 2 weeks

On March 30th , Silvia’s Shop in the Hummingbird Community was reportedly robbed by three camouflaged and armed men. In a police report sent to us by police at the end of last month, it stated that 73 year old Silvia Spain and her husband were in the shop when the men entered and robbed the couple of one thousand dollars. The men then took off in the couples’ Ford Ranger pickup. Today, police sent us another report indicating that the store was robbed again just last night, less than two weeks since the last incident. This time, it was also three male persons dressed in camouflage and armed with a shot gun. This time they did not only rob the business place but the home as well. According to the police report,  two of the men went into the store through the front window and took $1000.00 cash in different denomination. The other male individual reportedly went into the owner’s house and took a tablet valued at $1,000.00 and a DSI game valued at $800.00. All items totaled a value of $2,800.00 bcy. Police say they are investigating.

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