Elderly Man Knocked Down By Motorcycle on Hummingbird Highway

There was an accident Wednesday evening just outside of Belmopan on the Hummingbird Highway,  just a couple Hundred yards below La Cabana.

An elderly man, who lives near the creek close to La Choza, was crossing the highway when he was hit by an oncoming motorcycle. The man fell to the ground and was seriously injured, bleeding profusely, and with one of his legs almost amputated. vlcsnap-2015-02-19-06h44m03s229The motorcyclist and his passenger, a female were also hurt in the collision, and all three were rushed to the Western Regional Hospital.

Before he left the scene the motorcyclist told a police officer on the scene that it was not his motorcycle that hit the elderly man, but another cyclist he was travelling with. He claims that motorcycle continued on its way.

Police are on the scene as we speak trying to make sense of the accident.

We will have more for you on this developing story in Thursday’s newscast.

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