Elderly man victim of Hit and Run in San Ignacio

There was a fatal hit and run traffic accident today in San Ignacio. It claimed the life old a 65 year old man and happened sometime around 5:30 this morning on the Cahal Pech Road. The lifeless body of 65 year old Edelmo Constancia was found with vehicle tire skid marks on the body early this morning. The son of Constancia, Ramireo Constancia,  told us that his family was informed of the tragedy by a family friend early this morning.

Romero Constancia, Son of Deceased: This morning at about 6:30am, a friend of mine told us that my father died this morning in a traffic accident somewhere around the museum, but we are not exactly certain where it happened. As I got to the roundabout by the Cayo Place, I noticed the police vehicle was carrying a body and I waived down the police vehicle wanting to find out if it was actually my dad’s body. The police vehicle stopped by the roadside and I discovered that it was my dad’s body that was being conveyed. His body had sustained injuries all over, the eye, the chest and his body was badly mangled up. The driver who did it just knocked him down and left him there as if it was a dog that was killed.

According to Ramireo, he last saw his father about nine o’clock last night at his uncle’s home in the downtown area.

Reporter: When was the last time you saw your dad?

Romero Constancia, Son of Deceased: Last night at about 9pm at my uncle’s house. I walked passed him and asked ‘dad, let’s go home’, but he said he wasn’t ready yet as he will come along in a little while. That was the last time that I saw him.

Edelmo Constancia’s brother, Victor Constancia, told us that he was shocked when he got the news.

Edelmo Constancia, Brother of Deceased:  This morning, my brother’s son came and said he has a bad news that he found his father dead.  So I felt shocked but I tried controlling myself as I suffer from high blood pressure. He said he died in a hit and run accident, so we are trying to investigate to find out the vehicle involved.

Reporter: If you eventually find the driver who knocked him down, what will you tell him?

Edelmo Constancia, Brother of Deceased: Nothing, it could possibly be an accident. So I’ll just demand that he contribute towards the funeral and other things, because it could be an accident. May be it wasn’t intentional, so he should just come up and help and talk to the family.

According to police, residents in the area heard a loud bang sometime around 11:45 last night, but it wasn’t until this morning that Constancia’s lifeless body was discovered.

Joseph Myvette, Head of NCIB:  A male Hispanic person was seen lying motionless on the road. Initial investigation revealed that shortly after 11:45pm last night, a loud impact was heard. And it is sometime this morning when a passerby was walking down that he observed the body on the road. The deceased was identified as Clemente Constancia, a 65 year old of Martin Galvez Street of the same Ka’al Pech area. Upon examination of the scene, the body seem to have had tyre impression, as well as the skid marks were found in the area.

No one has been detained in connection to this incident so far.

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