Elderly man’s throat slit in his home

There was a murder in Dangriga and a 72 year old man was the victim; his throat slashed in his home. Harry Arzu reports.


Harry Arzu –  Dangriga Correspondent

“Just  when Christmas cheers were being exchanged here over the holidays, with police presence visible in this municipality, residents of Lake Land and Rivas Estate areas here were shocked when they learned of a brutal murder in their neighbourhood. 

vlcsnap-2014-12-30-05h47m43s116Police here say that they arrived  on a murder scene in the Lake Land area on Saturday, December 27th., just before five o’clock in the evening, where they observed the lifeless body of a food vendor, with a large cut wound to his neck, laying in his own blood, in his bedroom.  The victim has been identified as 72 years old Honduran national Felix Carranza Castillo.

Eyewitness reports indicate that a minor, who lives in the same yard, was the one who first discovered the body of Castillo, while she was sitting on the step of his house, at around 4 o’clock that fatal Saturday afternoon.

However, initial police investigation revealed that there appears to be no signs of forced entry to the house, and that they believe the motive for the murder could be a case of robbery, since some of Castillo’s household items were stolen, including his money.

Plus News spoke with the victim’s stepdaughter Bertha Mambreno.”


vlcsnap-2014-12-30-05h19m12s228vlcsnap-2014-12-30-05h11m15s131Bertha Membreno – Stepdaughter of the Deceased

“25th day he came for Christmas dinner, then he left around 4:30 p.m. Then around 15 minutes later, I got a call from him saying that he saw three boys round the yard, and one of them was the lady’s nephew, the landlord.  He always fear for him, because he’s a big thief, and he’s known to be a thief.

So I sent my husband and he went to my dad’s house.

The next day I told him he could come, because I still had food. So he don’t have to cook food.  He took some food home, and from there I never saw him again.  On the 27th. around six o’clock they told me he was dead already.

When we were called, we waited and I still have not seen him.

When we went in there the walls were filled with blood. His bed, it looked like they cut his throat in his bed, and it looked like he dropped flat on the ground.  I assume where he was when he dropped, that was where there was a cloth with blood on it.

His television, his DVD, the head from the stereo is gone. They didn’t take his speakers from the stereo, just the head. They took his phone and they took out the sim card. He didn’t have money. His wallet was filled with blood, without any money in it.

Police already have two persons, one of them my husband knows them because they were there on the 25th night, because my dad is afraid of them and the other one is a suspect because one of the neighbors saw he was there too, because there were three of them.

Right now police don’t have any evidence to say they are the murderers, so they plan to let them go today.”

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