Elvin Penner recall petition gets trial date

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PennerPUP standard bearer for Cayo Northeast Orlando Habet and two of his constituents are headed to the Supreme Court in November, to convince Supreme Court Justice Courtney Abel to judicially overturn the decision of Chief Elections Officer Josephine Tamai in January, by which 337 of the 2,002 signatures collected for the recall of Elvin Penner were rejected for varying reasons. On Thursday a pre-trial review conference was held, and attorney for Orlando Habet and the petitioners, Senior Counsel Lisa Shoman, outlined the road to trial.

vlcsnap-2014-08-01-06h28m23s28Lisa Shoman – Attorney

“We set some time-lines.  I had asked for some disclosure to be provided, and we got most of what we wanted, but there’s a few matters left that need to cleared up.  By consent, the parties have agreed that the disclosure will be provided by August 27th.  And then all parties have to have in order affidavits by the end of September.  There will be a trial on the matter, on the 25th and 26th of November.”

According to Lisa Shoman, they have received most of the important material they need for trial. She also answers the question of whether there will be any cross-examinations during the trial.

Lisa Shoman

“The Chief Elections Officer actually, as I say, provided much of the disclosure that we wanted. There are some matters that we still want, and those we will get by the end of August. After we have that disclosure, if there is need for additional affidavits, those have to be in by the end of September. The Chief Elections Officer has not yet filed an affidavit, but they have until the end of September to do so.”

Acting Solicitor General Nigel Hawke appeared for the Chief Elections Officer and the Attorney General.

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