Embassy of Mexico in Belize offers 25 scholarships

The Mexican Government is offering different scholarships for Belizeans, 15 for undergraduate degrees and 10 postgraduate degrees in different universities across Mexico in any area of studies. The scholarship is granted for the length of each program and covers registration and tuition fees as well as food and accommodation expenses.  Press and Consular Officer at the Embassy of Mexico in Belize, Marcelino Miranda, shares details of the latest scholarship program.


Marcelino Miranda – Embassy of Mexico in Belize:

vlcsnap-2013-07-23-10h11m35s124It is expected that the applicants have a basic knowledge of Spanish.  The Spanish language is not a prerequisite.  There’s no Spanish exam, but when they apply, when they take the exams of the universities, it is expected that they have sufficient knowledge of Spanish, in order to take these exams.  This is part of the Cultural Program and Exchange Program of Mexico.  Through these scholarships Mexico wants to contribute to the development of Belize, with training of their people in order to later come back and contribute to the economy.

The deadline for submissions is July 31st, 2013. For more information you can contact Miranda at the Mexican Embassy, in Belize City or visit the Embassy’s page on Facebook. 

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