Embattled Senator changes his mind, again!

As we mentioned, the embattled Church Senator, Ashley Rocke has changed his mind as well on the issue of the Senate Select Committee. Rocke’s sudden flip flop in the Senate meeting where the motion for a Senate Select Committee was voted on, resulted in outcry of disbelief from the wider Church community, and in calls for his resignation from the Catholics and National Evangelical Association of Belize. The Catholic church is a part of the Council of Churches which is also made up of Methodists and Anglicans but the Methodists and Anglicans appeared to be in support of Government’s then position for a bicameral joint select committee as well. All other social partners voted for the senate committee, except the Church. Today, Rocke gave a brief explanation as to why he changed his mind, again! He says,  “Contrary to popular belief, because I want to dispell the notion that Senator Ashley Rocke has a hidden agenda and in the interest of national justice, peace and a better Belize, I am changing my position. This comes not because of the many naysayers and the onslaught of their venom, but simply to leave the door open for reconciliation and the moving forward with a strategy for sensible nation building. My agreed position will be outlaid in a letter which will be sent to the Prime Minister via the Associations that I legally represent.

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