Emory Felix charged for murder and attempted murder

29 year old Emory Felix joins brother Maurice in charges of murder and attempted murder. The charges are in connection with the ride-by shooting at the residence of Calvin and Pamela Cumberbatch on May 24, in which Calvin and his son Mark Gentle Vernon were shot. The older man’s injuries were minor and his wife escaped injury, but Mark was shot several times by the two men who alighted from a vehicle. He died of his injuries one week later on June 5. Emory Felix was read charges of murder in the death of Mark Gentle and attempted murder of Pamela Cumberbatch before Magistrate Herbert Panton and remanded until September 8. Maurice Felix, out on bail of $15,000, is wanted by police for his charge of attempted murder of Mark Gentle to upgraded to murder.vlcsnap-2015-06-10-09h04m37s219

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