Emrand Henry and Sherwin Gardner here for YC Belize

YC Belize gets on the way tomorrow night in Belize city.  This year YC Belize is being held under the theme “This Is Love” and features both local and international performers and speakers. The event is returning to Belize City after four years in Belmopan.. One of the coordinators Mervin Budram was a guest on Rise and Shine yesterday.

Mervin Budram – Christian Musician and Concert Organiser:
vlcsnap-2013-03-20-19h30m17s183It’s a huge Youth Conference, Youth Convention, where we gather young people and we provide truth, we provide the Gospel, in many different forms, through games, through sports, through workshops, and the dynamic speakers that are there.  Then we have the Word as presented. We have dynamic worship. We give the Belizean artist and performers a platform as well.  And we bring in international artists to just throw it down and as well bring the Truth in a whole different way.
On a whole, just with the reality of what’s going on in our nation, Belize City is the mission field.  The crime, just the amount of stuff that’s happening out of the city, the amount of young people dying on a daily basis. I mean it’s quite alarming. Most of us on the YC team believe that it’s time to go back. It’s time for us to go back into the city and be part of the answers.

The headlining artists are Sherwin Gardner and Emrand Henry. Henry and the YC team were guests on Rise and Shine.

Emrand Henry – Christian Recording Artist:
vlcsnap-2013-03-20-19h24m12s98Emrand Henry Ministries is all about music and the Word, testimonies to know where God took me from and where I am right now. The music is appealing to the young people, and also to the older folks.  Coming on Friday, it will be a great experience, not just the jumping up and the waving, but the message through the music.  You have to come out to really hear what God is doing through my life.  Somewhere within the Ministry, within the performance as people would say, there is a song that will touch you.  There is a song that will really minister to whatever you’re going through in life. We’re just calling everybody to just come out on Friday.  Expect something great.

Emrand Henry and Sherwin Gardner spent the day touring schools in the Belmopan area We caught up with them at the Belmopan Comprehensive High School.

Sherwin Gardner – Christian Recording Artist:
vlcsnap-2013-03-21-09h06m56s30We intend to allow people to be able to enjoy themselves in the presence of the Lord.  By the end of the day, for me, is really making sure that message goes out, and the message is clearly in the music, to bring change to this generation, help them to see that you don’t have to be a product of your environment.  You don’t have to be subject to where you come from.  A lot of times people think because we’re from the Caribbean, because we’re from this little small town or something like that, God cannot use us, but God was able to take me from Trinidad to many different continents of the world, spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  And I didn’t have to sell out, I didn’t have to go and sing soca or secular music, I just stayed focused on Jesus.  
So it’s going to have something a bit different from what they are used to seeing with all the secular artists, just jumping and waving, and then after the party done there’s nothing, you’re just empty. But in Christ we can have fun, and there’s a purpose at the end of it.  So it’s going to be great.

YC Belize gets on the way at 6 pm at the ITVET campus in Belize City. For more ticket information you can call 623-3683 or 602-0122.

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