Energizing Youth Entrepreneur Workshop at the UB Auditorium

A workshop geared toward empowering Belizeans with keys and tools on how to create employment for themselves is slated for this weekend. Last year, the Statistical Institute of Belize, in their Labour Force Survey reported that the country’s unemployment rate was at an alarming 14.4%. That’s over 21,000 persons. Of these numbers, some 8,000 represented the male population, while over 13,000 were women. In light of this, a group of concerned citizens formed a committee to assist persons in establishing a successful business of their own. The group partnered with some reputable business owners to host a one-day workshop on energizing entrepreneurship, scheduled for this Saturday. Jason Andrews is the coordinator of the event.

PATRICK ANDREWS – Workshop Coordinator:
vlcsnap-2013-02-21-13h54m26s228This Saturday, the 23rd of February, we’ll be having an Energizing Youth Entrepreneur Workshop, at the UB Auditorium.  It will start from 9 o’clock to four o’clock.  It’s going to be a very effective workshop. We have some quality speakers that are lined up.  For instance, we have Shelly Usher from Builders Hardware, who has had over 20 years of banking experience and financial management.  We have Kay Menzies,  President of the Chamber of Commerce.  We also have James Scott, who is the CEO of the Radisson Fort George [Hotel], and also Stephen Okeke, who is a well-known entrepreneur in Belize City.  These are four very qualified presenters, that will be at the event this Saturday.

The fee to attend Saturday’s workshop is $10 – which some may say is – a bit cheap. Andrews told us that the low-cost of tickets is so that the event is affordable to anyone wanting to attend.

PATRICK ANDREWS – Workshop Coordinator:
People can get in contact with me at 601-5011.  We’re charging $10 for the event. But that $10 is basically paying for your lunch and a drink, so the event in itself is free, because we realize that the whole aspect of entrepreneurship and the whole high statstics of the unemployment, is a drastic need that must be addressed aggressively.  So we’re trying to make it as available as possible for any young person, any individual for that matter.

While persons will be able to interact with the presenters, they also have the opportunity to display and promote their own business ideas or products. A display booth carries an additional $10 fee.

PATRICK ANDREWS – Workshop Coordinator:
The things that we’re also doing at this event Saturday is that we’re having some small booths.  Now these booths are specifically for small business.
For instance: We have this young lady, Yanzi, who has this business that’s called “Book Junkie, that is selling, trading books on Facebook and on the internet.
And so we’re inviting people with a small business that wants to promote it, that wants to get more publicity, to call me also, because we want to make that also available. I already have about six or seven booths of young people, not only young people but small businesses that will be displaying. So again, we’re inviting any small business in the area. who would want to come and set up a small booth to call. We’re facilitating that also.

Again, the event kicks off at the Jaguar Auditorium at the University of Belize in Belmopan. If you are interested in attending Saturday’s entrepreneurship workshop, contact Jason Andrews at 601-5011.

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