Eric Chang has Mayor’s Approval

vlcsnap-2014-06-11-20h44m13s2Late last year he was in hot water with his boss and the people of Belize but Councilor Eric Chang appears to be back in the good graces of the former, if not the latter.

He was suspected, but never proven, to be the courier of the Won Hong Kim passport to Taiwan, and has never spoken about his role, if any, in the affair.

Today, Mayor Darrell Bradley clarified his actions in removing Chang from his post of Deputy Mayor and stripping his portfolios.

He did so, he said, because he was derelict in his duty to the council and people of Belize by absenting himself from City Hall for a longer period than normal.

But Chang has now resumed his role and, the Mayor said, is working effectively on the street projects in his portfolio.

Chang has not indicated whether he would like to serve for a third consecutive term, but Bradley said that if he is selected, it is up to the electorate to vote for him, and if he is elected, for Bradley to manage him and the other members of the slate.

There was no word given on a potential date for internal UDP municipal elections though they would be expected later this year.

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