Eric Elrington Charged with Attempted Murder

Police have charged 28 year old Eric Elrington, a  computer lab technician,  for the Crime of “Attempted Murder upon Henry Gordon”. The incident occurred on March 7th when 24 year old Michael Henry Gordon was robbed and shot as he stood waiting for a bus in Unitedville. Gordon was at the road side on the George Price Highway in Unitedville Village at about 7:30 p.m. waiting to catch a bus when Eric Elrington allegedly  placed a pistol to Gordon’s head and demanded money. Fearing for his life, Gordon handed over $600.00 but  the still shot Gordon on the right foot. Elrington allegedly pulled the trigger a second time to finish off  Gordon but the gun snapped, giving Gordon a chance to run away. While Gordon was running away, the shooter fired again and another bullet hit Gordon on the right hand. The shooter made off with the $600 while Gordon made his way to the hospital.  San Ignacio Police were looking for Eric Elrington and have since found him and charged him for robbery and attempted murder

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