Ernest Billary sentenced for armed restaurant robbery

In July 2011, Senior Coconuts Restaurant was robbed and customers came face-to-face with robbers who held them at gun point.   Today, one of those suspects who police caught red handed shortly after the incident, was tried and vlcsnap-2013-06-20-18h51m19s52convicted. He is 21 year old Ernest Billary. Billary a Barber of #11 Hibiscus Street in Belize City was detain by PC #969 Freddy Heredia who was hit in the head and injured by his attacker, identified as Billary. PC Heredia testified and told the court that they were called about the robbery and when they visited the area, they met Billary on North Front Street fitting the description of the robber.   PC Heredia and Billary got into a struggle when the officer tried to apprehend him but with assistance from other officer, he was subdued but not before hitting Officer Heredia in the head and bursting it.   When Billary was searched, the police officers found him in possession of a loaded 9 mm pistol with 11 live rounds of ammunition.   In his defense, Billary told the court that the police officers were lying.   At the conclusion of his trial, Billary was found guilty of wounding PC Heredia, kept firearm and kept ammunition without a gun license. For the wounding, Billary was sentenced to 1 year in prison and for the two firearm related offenses, he got 5 years each.  However, the Chief Magistrate, Anne Marie Smith was lenient on Billary and ordered that his 3 jail term are to run concurrently which means that he will serve only 5 years imprisonment.

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