Ernesto Torres vies for Mayoral position once again

Ernesto Torres says he is taking another shot at trying to become the Mayor of Belize City. This will be Torres’ third bid as an Independent Mayoral candidate. He has not been successful in the past but today he invited the press to a launch of his candidacy in Belize City. With previous political losses, Torres was asked why he is running again.


I want to prove to the public,  to the Belizean Public that, the residents had done this 6 years ago we would not be where we are today; in traffic, in a dirty city, in drainage, in general! I want to go into the office to proof that I have the ability, I have the experience, both in traffic and in keeping our city clean. It is not difficult to cut the grass, all you need is coordination, good management and that is what our city lacks..

According to Torres, Belize City residents are ready for a change and he has received good responses from people so far.


For quite some time and even more compact the reply I am getting from the public [is that] they are tired of both of them. This is not what we are telling the people, this is what people are telling us. As a mature a fact I am not going to people to [ask them to] vote for me; they are shouting that they will vote for me… what  we get. I keep using “the pulse” that is what I get from the people. People don’t want to see change from red to blue and blue to red; your turn, my turn. People have gotten enough of it and want to see something new; a new era, a new freshness, a new chapter and not the same old.

Ernesto Torres says that he is financing his own campaign.

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