Escaped Belizean Convict Recaptured in Guatemala

vlcsnap-2014-04-25-20h21m22s121vlcsnap-2014-04-22-21h53m00s37On Tuesday we reported to you that Joseph Budna, a Belizean National and former free lance journalist, escaped from the watch of two police officers while he was being treated in a local hospital at Peten, Guatemala.

As we had reported, Budna, was serving a lengthy time of 25 years at a Prison in Guatemala for kidnapping and extortion.

Early this morning, Budna was recaptured by authorities in Chiquimula, the bordering state of Guatemala and Honduras. According to Guatemalan reports, Budna was trying to make his way over to Honduras.

Two other individuals were detained for allegedly aiding an escaped prisoner.  Budna will be subsequently charged for escaping from authorities.

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