Escaped prisoner still on the run

Police are still trying to locate 27-year-old Lawrence Bernardez of Lakeland area Dangriga. As we told you yesterday, Bardalez escaped from police custody while being transported to the Hattieville Prison on Wednesday December 2. Bernardez, was along with fellow prisoners Eden Guzman and Daniel McKenzie, being driven in the back of an open pan pickup truck. Around 4:00 in the afternoon while on the George Price Highway and approaching the pedestrian ramp located 50 yards from the Hattieville Police Station around Mile 16, the officers were alerted that Guzman and Bernardez were escaping. The officers immediately chased after the fleeing pair who ran toward the nearby bushes. Police caught up with Guzman who struggled with the officer trying to bring him in and he was shot in the leg to be restrained. Guzman was recaptured and taken to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital in Belize City for treatment, but police were not able to locate Bernardez. The manhunt for Bernardez is on who is described as dark complexioned, approximately 6 feet tall and and has shoulder length dreadlocks.   If seen, kindly inform Dangriga Police. Police say that  Bernardez is considered to be dangerous and so those who may come in contact with him should exercise caution.

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