Escaped: Two Prisoners, Separate Incidents, Same Day

Another prisoner has escaped from police custody. This would be the third for February 2014 and the second in one day, Thursday February 20, 2014.

vlcsnap-2014-02-20-20h06m02s88Last night we told you about Jarod Lamb who jumped out of a moving police van on his way to court in San Ignacio. Lamb, an accused attempted murderer is still on the loose.

That same night, another prisoner made a run for it from Belize City police. 24 year old Sherman Rodney was detained pending investigation of a robbery and theft.

According to police, Rodney was taken to the KHMH for medical treatment as he was complaining of severe pain to the left arm.  Once at the hospital, a nurse took Rodney into a room for the treatment.

When the nurse exited the room, the officer that escorted Rodney to the hospital went into the room to check on the prisoner; but Rodney was nowhere to be found.

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